NABARD Wadi Programme NABARD Watershed Programme NABARD Climate Change Adaption Programme, Interventions with State Government- Health Mitanin
IVDP Programme
CGDPRP NAWA ANJOR C.G. Tribal Development Programme

Farmer Producer Organization

Mobilization of producers in a joint platform especially of small and marginal farmers.

Sahyog Haritima Producer Company

With the motive of collaboration of all wadi beneficiaries of FPOs together a Producer Company was formed by the agency called Sahyog Haritima Producer Company Limited.

Raigarh Sahyog samiti​

‘Prosperity With Peoples Participation’ A Non Government Organization (NGOs) committed for the holistic and Sustainable development of rural tribal communities​

Our Most Successful Projects .

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"TRIBUTE"..... Homage to Shri Shailesh K. Singh

Mr. Shailesh K. Singh's visionary idea of sustainable development for tribal communities was the spark that triggered the minds of all of us to work in that direction.

Mr. Shailesh K. Singh — Founder

“To eradicate a problem, one must get into the root of it”.This is precisely what our founder members Hon’able President late Shri Shailesh K. Singh believed in.

Mr. Shailesh K. Singh graduated  in Civil Engineering and had a dignified position as a Govt. employee serving at his best in his job. He could have spent a lavish and a comfortable life by continuing his govt. job with a high salary and all the perks given to any govt. job employee. But he was not satisfied with his work in-lieu of all the comfort and privileges he could have got in his govt. service, he chose to serve the people in general and the poor tribal  communities in particular. To achieve this goal of his, he founded “Raigarh Sahyog Samiti” in the year 2000, through which he has been tire-lessly serving the people.

 Mr. Shailesh K. Singh’s visionary idea of sustainable development for tribal communities was the spark that triggered the minds of all of us to work in that direction. We see no boundaries in expressing our un-measurable grief that has occurred in the in-depths of our hearts due to the untimely demise of our visionary man Mr. Shailesh K. Singh. He not only founded ‘Raigarh Sahyog Samiti’ but nurtured it as well with his vision and foresight for the well being of the poor rural tribal communities.

We will be failing in our duty if we forget the role of Mr. Shailesh K. Singh in our lives and in the future of Raigarh Sahyog Samiti. We at Raigarh Sahyog Samiti owe everything we are today to him.

Interventions With



The goal of the organization is to improve people's Livelihood, Health, Education,Agriculture, Horticulture, Natural resource Management, Women's Empowerment,Capacity Building of rural people, Literacy, Research & Planning
Dr. Dharmendra Choudhary
Secretary, Raigarh Sahyog Samiti (C.G.)
Through self-employment & self-reliance, men and women can gain economic independence and can raise their standings in the society i.e. they can fulfil all their basic needs. The values and beliefs of our Organization.
Smt. Archana Shailesh K. Singh
President, Raigarh Sahyog Samiti (C.G.)
organization dedicated for Enhancing the quality of life by wide dissemination of education, health care and civil amenities in the rural regions.
Mr. Jitendra Devangan
we emphasis to socio economic welfare upliftment and empowerment with various participatory approaches dedicated to strengthen rural community.
Mr. Amit Pandey
Board of Member, Raigarh sahyog Samiti